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Don't Let Your Rates Go Up: What To Do After A Traffic Ticket

You got a traffic ticket. Now you're worried about having points added to your motor vehicle record, and dealing with a hike in your auto insurance premiums. If your traffic ticket was for a major driving offense, you're probably going to be stuck with the points, and the increased premium rates. However, if your ticket was for a minor offense, there are some steps you can take that will help keep your insurance costs low. Here are four of those steps for you to utilize.

Have Your Day in Court

If you got a traffic ticket, don't just let it go, especially if you're worried about the points on your driving record. Instead, go to court on your designated court date, and talk to the judge. You may be able to get the ticket dismissed altogether, or at least have the points removed. If the judge opts to remove the points, they won't show up on your driving record.

Opt for the Traffic School

When you go to court for your ticket, the judge may offer you the option of attending traffic safety school. If you're given that option, take it. Attending traffic safety school will keep the points off your driving record, and will give you the option of attending traffic safety school the next time you get a ticket. However, if you decline the opportunity to take traffic safety school, the points will show up on your driving record, and you may not be offered another opportunity to take the class for future traffic violations.

Stick with Your Insurance Company

If you've gotten a traffic ticket, the last thing you want to do is change insurance companies. Once you start looking for a new policy, those companies will automatically pull up your driving record. When they do, they'll see your most recent ticket, and your premiums will go up accordingly. Keep your current insurance policy. If your traffic violation was minor, your current insurance company might not increase your premiums.

Avoid Future Tickets

Once you've gotten a traffic ticket, you want to do your best to avoid future infractions. One way to avoid future tickets is to monitor the way you drive. If you're not sure you can monitor yourself properly, you can request that your insurance company monitor your driving using an on-board device. These devices plug into your car and provide a detailed report of your driving habits. If you're afraid that your most recent ticket is going to result in additional points, this might be a good option for you to consider.

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