Understanding Insurance Policies

What To Know About Commercial Auto Insurance

Sometimes in order for a business owner to efficiently get certain tasks done, it is necessary to have a vehicle. Even when a commercial vehicle is being driven, it can get into accidents as with any other type, which is why insurance coverage is usually mandatory. Without insurance coverage, a business owner can find that they are being sued by anyone that collides with the commercial vehicle, even if an employee is the one that caused the collision. Read More 

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Understanding Insurance Policies

If you need to purchase any type of insurance, you should learn about the different kinds of policies before signing up. It's also important to compare each type of policy and determine how much of a deductible you can afford to pay if necessary. Hello, my name is Debbie Janson and I'm glad that you discovered my insurance blog. I started doing research on insurance when I decided to get a new policy. I wanted better insurance coverage at a cheaper price. After learning about insurance and the different terms that are often used to write up a policy, I felt confident that I could purchase the best insurance for my needs. I've written down the information that I've learned in this blog so that I can help others better understand their insurance policies too.

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