Understanding Insurance Policies

Why You Cannot Get The Title And Registration For Your Vehicle Without Insurance

Most states now require that all drivers have insurance. In fact, drivers caught without insurance pay stiff fines. If you have had past issues with DUIs or multiple accidents, you face even steeper penalties if caught without insurance. That does not even account for the frustration you will feel when you try to register a vehicle with the Department of Transportation (or Department of Motor Vehicles in some states). Without insurance, you cannot get the title and registration for your vehicle. Here is why.

Some States Are Cracking Down on Drivers Without Insurance

Some states are cracking down on drivers who do not have insurance. They feel that the best approach is to force drivers to show proof of insurance before their car titles and registrations can be processed. It is very effective, since anyone in those states cannot own or drive a vehicle without insurance, and anyone that is driving without insurance is clearly not driving his or her own vehicle! The unintended side effect of this law is that more car thieves are being apprehended, a plus for insured drivers that can show their insurance cards to the police.

Getting Insurance Is Limited to Those Who Have a License

In order to purchase insurance, you have to provide your driver's license number. If you cannot provide one because your license is suspended, revoked, or you do not have a license, then you do not get insurance. If you cannot get insurance, then you cannot prove that you have insurance to the D.O.T./D.M.V.. This, in turn, prevents unlicensed drivers from illegally driving vehicles on the road, and that action saves lives.

The D.O.T./D.M.V. Wants Only Safe Drivers on the Road

When you have insurance, it proves that you are safety-conscious. The D.O.T./D.M.V. only wants drivers who are dedicated to road safety to be driving. That is why this is such an important issue, and why so many states are doing all they can to enforce the law regarding proof of insurance. The safer you are as a driver, the safer everyone else will be too.

The Insurance Expense Issue

Drivers want and need a car. When they have to get insurance first, they struggle with how to pay for it. If you find yourself in this boat, you could just buy one month of insurance at a time. You still get the proof of insurance card, and then you can register and title your vehicle.

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