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Dealing With An Unfortunate Auto Policy Increase? Helpful Tips For Stressed Drivers

While small periodic increases in automobile insurance costs are to be expected, drivers who experience a more sudden increase due to damage claims or receipt of a traffic ticket are likely to see a larger financial impact on their budgets. Luckily, there are some potential options available to help offset these auto policy cost increases. If you are feeling the stress of dealing with this type of significant increase, here are three things you can do today to help ease the financial pain. 

Raise your deductible amount

One of the easiest ways to see a reduction in your auto insurance policy premiums is to change your plan by raising the amount of your deductible. Since the deductible amount is the amount a policy holder is responsible for when making a claim, a higher deductible amount represents potential savings for the insurance company. They, in turn, are willing to pass on a portion of these savings to the policy holder in the form of lower premium costs. 

Before utilizing this option, policy holders should ask themselves whether they have the financial reserves to cover the amount of the deductible in the event that they suffer a claim. 

Drive a vehicle that costs less to insure

The cost of automobile insurance coverage is much higher on certain models or types of vehicles than on others. In most cases, vehicles that are considered to have a higher likelihood of being stolen and those that are considered to be high-performance or limited edition models are more expensive to insure. 

Drivers who have watched their insurance rates undergo a substantial rise due to a traffic ticket, damage claim, or other factor may be able to bring auto insurance costs down by simply selling a high-risk vehicle and replacing it with an older model vehicle that is considered to be a lower risk by insurance coverage providers. 

Discuss your situation with your agent

Another possible solution to rising insurance premiums is to sit down with your automobile insurance agent or broker and let them know your concerns and needs. They can look at your coverage history and current policies and make recommendations for changes that may help you reduce premium costs. 

If your current agent or broker is unable to help you find a way to lower your auto insurance premium costs, it may be time to consider shopping for more affordable coverage by obtaining quotes directly from other companies or through an insurance brokerage who can shop from hundreds of providers on your behalf. 

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