Understanding Insurance Policies

3 Common Types Of Car Insurance You Need To Know About

Car insurance is one of those things that most people don't think about until they need it, although it's a necessity for all drivers. When purchasing this insurance, you need to understand what type of coverage you should have and what is out there. This article discusses three types of insurance that you need to be aware of.

1. Comprehensive

A comprehensive policy is a complete form of coverage. It can cover your car in every way you expect, including replacing it if it's stolen and damaged due to natural disasters like flooding, hail, windstorms, lightning strikes, and earthquakes.

It can also cover collision costs with another object and damage caused by you or one of your passengers. You can apply for a comprehensive cover that fits your budget and coverage needs. An agent can help you find a suitable comprehensive plan that works for you.

2. Collision

This type of insurance covers damages to your car from accidents with other vehicles or objects. Purchasing this policy may be difficult if you've never been at fault for an accident. However, if you don't have it and another person hits your parked car, you may end up paying thousands in repairs.

If your vehicle is new or pricey enough that replacing it could cause financial strain, collision coverage can be of great help. It will cover repairs up to either market value, actual cash value, or book value. You should check how your insurer determines what your car is worth in the event of an accident before filing a claim. A collision policy can also be important if you're leasing your vehicle. The lease agreement will determine how much deductible your insurer will allow if your car is damaged.

3. Liability

This policy is required by law in most states to cover damages or injuries that you cause to others. If your car causes damage, injury, or death to another person due to your negligence, a liability coverage will pay up to its limit to compensate the other party for their losses. This may protect you from being sued for causing other people pain.

Additionally, if your car is stolen, liability coverage will pay up to its limit for the damage or injury caused by the person who took your vehicle without permission. It will also cover costs associated with the accident, such as property damages, medical expenses, or court fees. Most states require car owners to have a minimum liability policy to protect them and their vehicles.

There are many types of car insurance policies you can purchase. Knowing the differences between each type will help you select the right one. This way, if an accident occurs, you'll not face financial hardship or loss. Contact a local car insurance company to learn more.

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