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5 Questions About SR-22 Insurance For Drivers That Need It

Have you had your license taken away because you did something irresponsible on the road? It is likely that you'll need SR-22 insurance in order to get your license back and be legally allowed to drive again. Here are a few questions that you likely have about this special type of insurance.

What Incidents Would Require SR-22 Insurance?

Every state has its own laws regarding when SR-22 insurance is necessary, but it is typically due to an existing state law about a particular offense or a court order from a judge. It may be required after someone has been driving without insurance, has a lot of moving violations, or was convicted of driving under the influence. 

Will SR-22 Insurance Cause Premiums To Increase?

Simply having the requirement to get SR-22 insurance is not going to directly lead to your insurance going up. However, those risky driving behaviors are what will cause your insurance premiums to go up. While it may seem like it is the SR-22 insurance that caused the problem, it is really the history of poor driving and decision-making.

Why Is SR-22 Insurance Necessary?

The point of having SR-22 insurance is to guarantee that you have auto insurance while driving on the road. You may be required to get insurance at the time of having your license reinstated, but you could always cancel a policy or let it lapse. With an SR-22 policy in place, the local DMV will actually be notified if your insurance status changes, 

How Long Do You Need To Keep SR-22 Insurance?

The exact length of time that SR-22 insurance is required will depend on the state requirements or the court order from a judge. You can typically expect the duration to be several years rather than just a single auto insurance coverage period. Once the required period is up and you are ready to remove the requirement, it is up to you to contact your insurance provider and let them know. They will go through all the steps necessary of removing it from your insurance and notifying the local DMV of the change so that it does not cause any red flags to come up with your driving status.

Who Sells SR-22 Insurance?

You can likely get SR-22 insurance through your local car insurance provider, but be aware that not all companies offer it. It may involve switching insurance providers to one that can insure your vehicle and provide you with SR-22 insurance. 

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